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A Lukewarm royalty (with a whip) from outer space.

sometimes i like to pretend i know what i'm talking about.

The blogger formerly known as thedramagirl.

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The most important thing in life is desire.
9 to 5, [title of show], abbreviating names, adoring patti lupone, alan ayckbourne, alice "ripples" ripley, allison janney, anna wintour, attempting to be journalist-ic, attending renfairs, audrey & kate hepburn, august: osage county, australia, avoiding my mommie dearest, bebe neuwirth('s legs), becoming anna wintour, becoming mrs. janet mcteer, being a fabulous lesbian, being a twitter whore, being bitchtastic, bernadette peters, billy elliot, billy elliot (mrs. wilkinsonnn), british history, british humor, british television, broadway, christine ebersole, christopher guest, cj creggs, classic film, collecting autobiographies, cougars, cts, cult of rachel maddow, dancing with the stars, dark humor, disney, dorota, dvd addiction, eating too much, escaping smalltown texas, fangirling lesbians a lot, fashion, g-chat addiction, getting haircuts, god- i mean sondheim, golden girls, gossip girl, grace coddington, graduating highschool, harry potter, hating dolce & gabana, haydgwynne: queen of faeries, heidi & susan, her majesty lady gaga, high heels, in comes company, into the woods, jane horrocks, jane krakowski, jane lynch, jj pos, judy davis, julie london, jumping catherine walker, kathy bates, kelli o'hara (is adorable), laura benanti, life as a fangirl, literature, living vicariously, long phonecalls, madame bernadette peters, making everything slashy, margaret colin, mchattie, melbourne theatre company, melissa etheridge, miranda priestly, mirandy, missing ellegirl magazine, mrs. lovett's attire, musical theatre, my german bff maggie, new york city, next to normal, not defying stereotypes, obsessing over obsessing, occasional pretentiousness, offkey belting, older women, opera, patty hewes: hbic, pdj, peggy lee, playing 'rich', politics, pretending to be competent, qof, queen meryl, rachel maddow, ragtime, reading nylon, rich girl novels, rocky horror parties, sbs, seducing ted turner, sexing up diana lethaby, sherie rene, stevie nicks' hair, sweeney todd, swimming with virginia woolf, sylvia plath's baking lessons, tabatha coffey, talking too much, tallulah bankhead, the amazing mrs. pritchard, the devil wears prada, the it girl novels, the last 5 years, the rumpus room, the wedding singer, theatre, tipping the velvet, tracy letts, vinyl, vogue, wishing i could sing, wishing i were french, worshipping steppenwolf theatre company